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Journal 36-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

Sponsors     Journals     Itinerary     Gear List   Saturday–March 27, 2021Trail Day–036Trail Mile–9.6/400.8Location–Toccoa Suspension Bridge Parking We’re up at 6:00; no thunderstorms (as were forecast). So the decision is to get some miles in today–before heading to Blue Ridge Verizon to try and get my new phone working. Back to SkeenaContinue reading “Journal 36-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!”

Summer trip to the Isle of Skye

“Listen to the Silence Be Still And let your soul catch up.” –Scottish Proverb Due to Covid19 travel restrictions this year my family decided to spend our summer holiday in Scotland. It’s our second time to spend a holiday there this year (first one was our skiing trip)and I wouldn’t mind coming back again inContinue reading “Summer trip to the Isle of Skye”

Lakes Entrance (Vic) to Eden (NSW) – Day 17 of Road Trip March 2020

Sunday 22nd March 2020 Driving distance approximately  255klm /  160mi Lakes Entrance is yet another pretty coastal town. This one is distinguished by its long, straight stretch called “Ninety Mile Beach“, and behind that is a long channel called “Cunninghame Arm“, and then more internal waterways lead to the Gippsland Lakes system. We began ourContinue reading “Lakes Entrance (Vic) to Eden (NSW) – Day 17 of Road Trip March 2020”

Armchair Travelling – Cambodia

The onset of Spring has brought little respite from increased Covid infections and travel restrictions. This means that another virtual journey is in order and so, for Wordless Wednesday, I propose another holiday in Cambodia to revisit the fascinating Angkor Archaeological Park which contains the remains of several capitals of the Khmer Empire. Armchair Travelling –Continue reading “Armchair Travelling – Cambodia”

Homeless: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 6

-Jane Cornwell Homeless-John Law She’s small, like a little mouse, curled into a recessempty-bellied, shivering,the newspaper not much insulation—old news– homelessness. And if it’s new to her, the whys are not—her stepdad’s roving hands, no work, the cries within her head. . . in a fitful sleep, she dreams of spring,filling her small rodent bodyContinue reading “Homeless: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 6”

School Bus Initiative

The focus of our last quarter has been working with local groups to improve bus networks. We believe that it is vital to provide transportation options for children living in rural areas. Thanks to our donors we were able to fund 50 buses and 200 cars that transport children to schools all around the globe.