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Lakes Entrance (Vic) to Eden (NSW) – Day 17 of Road Trip March 2020

Sunday 22nd March 2020 Driving distance approximately  255klm /  160mi Lakes Entrance is yet another pretty coastal town. This one is distinguished by its long, straight stretch called “Ninety Mile Beach“, and behind that is a long channel called “Cunninghame Arm“, and then more internal waterways lead to the Gippsland Lakes system. We began our […]

Lakes Entrance (Vic) to Eden (NSW) – Day 17 of Road Trip March 2020

Published by Farid Mazumder

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One thought on “Lakes Entrance (Vic) to Eden (NSW) – Day 17 of Road Trip March 2020

  1. Farid thank you for featuring my blog post. I would appreciate in future you please let me know in advance, and of course, ensure you credit the work to Gwen Wilson, aka Garrulous Gwendoline blogging as The Reluctant Retiree.


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